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Real Connections.
Distributed Company Culture The Tengable virtual workspace is a digital, simulated office that resembles a video game, with collaboration and communication tools to enhance workplace culture. Try Our FREE Demo computer-desk

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Make timezones irrelevant

Your remote team, under one digital roof.

The challenges with remote working, we’ve heard them all before. Lack of human interaction, communication and staying motivated. Your Tengable centralized virtual workspace makes it feel as if your co-worker is sitting just across from you – asking you what you’re having for lunch. Ah, it’s like you’ve never left the office!

Tengable is always on in the background, so there is no need to worry about your surroundings or co-workers. Simply just open your office, walk up to your peers, and start talking to them.

Form Real Connections

Human Connections, Virtual Office

Company culture isn’t about efficiency, it’s about maximizing human connections. Leave efficiency to the robots and machines, and focus on what humans do best. Working together as a team.

Humans connect by spending time together. 15 minutes a day, just isn’t enough. Sit together virtually and grow together like you would in an office.



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  • Up to 5 users per space
  • audio communication
  • Desktop Apps



  • Everything from the free tier
  • Video Conferencing
  • Virtual Assistant bot
  • Unlimited Users

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School or conference?

Were working on it

We believe the schools and conferences could greatly benefit from a virtual representation of a physical setting. Contact us to see what kind of features you would like to see.

Because the app is new, you may get a warning about the the app being from an unknown source.

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