The internet went down for about 4 hours yesterday, which really puts a damper on a surprising amount of things. A lot of time was spent on small ui things that required no internet access.

Next we redid the the development server. Since we are using, there are some extra challenges with the dev server with micro services. Essentially, it boils down to running an nginx reverse proxy to all your services, and running nx serve <service> in a docker container for each of your services.

Since there were some dependency updates, a redeploy of the back end services was triggered. Up until now, the process has been very smooth. Without any issues. This time, the migrations hung in 2 of the services. Since we only had a liveness probe, not a startup probe, the old version of the services were torn down, and the new ones didn’t start. Now we have re-evaluated our probes, and added startup probes.


Did nothing of importance business wise.



A few more bug fixes that I need to fix, with regard to developing locally on minikube. Then introduce organizations.


I still haven’t updated the copy, on the website. So I’ll try to get to that today.

Whats on our minds

  1. Been looking at a lot of VC alternatives, like tinyseed. Still not sure what direction to go in with regards to funding.

A friend got me customized Settlers of Catan pieces. You can see the Viking/Chinese pieces in the photo.

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  3. What is on our minds today. Usually relating to, or technology.

*Every Work Day – At Tengable official work days are: Thursday – Sunday. Because Malia works at a winery, she gets Monday – Wednesday off. So I match those days, so we can spend time together. Although, I am often working Monday- Wednesday as well, but it’s not guaranteed.