Over the last few days, we added footsteps for people walking near you. This was done in large part to make me feel more comfortable keeping the app open all day, so that I know when people are near me.

Code signing is also, finally, done. Sectigo was absolutely terrible, which we should have checked in advance.


Updated the marketing website a bit. Nothing too fantastic though.



There are a lot of small things piling up. So today will be a small bugfix day. Additionally cleaning up the ux for settings.


I still haven’t updated the copy, on the website. So I’ll try to get to that today.

Whats on our minds

  1. We still haven’t applied to Y-Combinator. We really need to get on that, if we are going to do it.

The featured image today is from a picnic, where I was trying to take a quick nap. The dogs just couldn’t understand , and had to be involved.

This is a series of daily updates from Tengable. Every work day* we’ll publish an update on:

  1. What we did yesterday, and what went wrong.
  2. What we want to do today.
  3. What is on our minds today. Usually relating to, or technology.

*Every Work Day – At Tengable official work days are: Thursday – Sunday. Because Malia works at a winery, she gets Monday – Wednesday off. So I match those days, so we can spend time together. Although, I am often working Monday- Wednesday as well, but it’s not guaranteed.