Finally got all the deployments for the electron app working, as well as the download section on the website. Auto updates is… sort of working as well! As soon as a new release goes out for the electron updater, updates should work normally. For now, the app doesn’t actually update until it’s manually restarted. It’s ok for now though.


Finally got in touch with the Better Business Borough. Turns out, you must pay $49 per month, in order to get listed within a few weeks. Otherwise, you need to wait a few months. Who knew that code signing would be so costly, and take sooo long to get setup. I’m glad I’m tackling it now.



I’m going to be hosting a murder mystery party on my app tomorrow night with a few friends. So today, I’m going to implement some rudimentary video conferencing (probably just jitsi).


Gotta clean up the downloads section a bit, and add some warnings for windows, that it isn’t code signed and to check back later.

Whats on our minds

  1. Use cases for video are interesting, because they don’t map to the real world as well as audio. Not to mention bandwidth constraints. I’m thinking I’ll just add a jitsi hotspot for now. Where you can click on some object to join the jitsi conference call.

The featured image for today is a campfire hut we made last time we went camping. Camping has been a great way to get out of the house during COVID.

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