Still fighting with electron auto updates. At first I tried the hosted version of Which has a free tier, but since I’m using a github organization, that was out. The cheaper plan was way to expensive, and embedded their name in my app. So that is out.

Currently trying out. which seems to be simpler. The main issue is that it requires your releases page to be an open source project. So I created a new repo just for releases.


We discussed Y-Combinator, and decided we might as well apply, and see how the remote flow is.



I would really like to finish the electron auto updates. The main bummer is that it doesn’t work for linux. For now, i am going to leave it, and see if I can just prompt the user to get the new AppImage/deb/rpm.


Lots of research about the benefits of accelerators.

We have some copy from our research the other day. Today might be the day to update the site with some fresh copy, and some new images.

Whats on our minds

  1. Y-Combinator is accepting applications. But since I don’t have a full time co-founder, this might be tough. Traditional VC doesn’t like single founders that much. I have been thinking about some old aquantances who might be a good fit for a business oriented co-founder.

The featured image for today is a set of little barrels Malia made for our friend who we have been playing Gloomhaven with.

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