Turns out you have to be registered with the Better business borough in order to code a code signing. So the windows code signing is on hold for a while.

Lauryn and I spent a good amount of time making the dev process work on mac. I use Linux for development, and because osx has docker inside a virtual machine, there are some extra challenges.


Not much business happening yesterday. A salesmen called and said he loved the site. Almost certainly just buttering me up, but it’s still nice to hear!



Today is the day to setup the download links for the app. There are some challenges in syncing the word press links with the latest download file.


Lots of research about the benefits of accelerators.

We have some copy from our research the other day. Today might be the day to update the site with some fresh copy, and some new images.

Whats on our minds

  1. Y-Combinator is accepting applications. So, we may or may not apply. Lots to discuss. Some things to consider is the accelerated timeline and the pressure that could put on the company to find a business oriented partner. How different will y-combinator be when it’s all remote. And a slew of blog posts about if y-combinator is worth it

The featured image for today is a sorting hat cork stop my wife made for our family friends birthday. She is a huge Harry Potter fan, and loves wine as well.

This is a series of daily updates from Tengable. Every work day* we’ll publish an update on:

  1. What we did yesterday, and what went wrong.
  2. What we want to do today.
  3. What is on our minds today. Usually relating to, or technology.

*Every Work Day – At Tengable official work days are: Thursday – Sunday. Because Malia works at a winery, she gets Monday – Wednesday off. So I match those days, so we can spend time together. Although, I am often working Monday- Wednesday as well, but it’s not guaranteed.