This is a series of daily updates from Tengable. Every work day* we’ll publish an update on:

  1. What we did yesterday, and what went wrong.
  2. What we want to do today.
  3. What is on our minds today. Usually relating to, or technology.



Code signing is kind of a pain, but it’s necessary. Luckily Electron build makes it pretty easy. Deploying the apps with code signing on github actions is definitely a time consuming, and I have eaten away all my minutes debugging windows builds. There seems to be a problem with disk access in windows on github actions. It takes > 5 minutes to restore the 700mb cache, before the build even kicks off. Every windows deploy test run eats about 45 minutes. Linux takes about 5-6 minutes by comparison.

Code signing for osx is much easier than windows. All you need is a developer account, and time to navigate the overly complex certificate management system on apples site.

Code signing for windows will probably be easier, but getting the code signing cert is turning out to be a PITA. I found a cheap one through, setctigo at $99 per year. However, they are being extremely picky about what they need to validate my business.


Copy Updates

Had some great back and forths with reddit user DrSledgeHammer1 who is helping with the copy on



Taking a pause on windows deployments until the cert comes through. Instead I’m going to focus on actual app issues.

You can actually sign up for Tengable and make an account, manage personas, etc… So after a couple fixes to the app, I’m going to focus on that, so that people can start using the app.

Additionally, screen sharing is on the docket.


An awesome developer friend is thinking about joining Tengable, so I’ll be meeting with her today. Hopefully it goes well, she would be a great asset to the team!

Whats on our minds

  1. More and more people seem to be entering the space since the pandemic has been forcing people to work from home. We have been doing a little more research into companies with tangential products as well. To see what features they have, and if they would be a good fit for Tengable. Yesterday we looked a little bit into focusmate. Which seems like an interesting idea. In addition to the demo, we could make a focus together hour, or something similar. It looks like they are just using jitsi. Which may be a good way to go, for us as well.

The featured image for today is the view from a hill near my house yesterday. The smoke here is real bad. It looks like sunset on a smoggy day… in the middle of the day.

*Every Work Day – At Tengable official work days are: Thursday – Sunday. Because Malia works at a winery, she gets Monday – Wednesday off. So I match those days, so we can spend time together. Although, I am often working Monday- Wednesday as well, but it’s not guaranteed.